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The objective of the engineers and firefighting experts from Germany was to fight forest and peat fires, make an important contribution to climate protection, secure critical infrastructures and, above all, to provide maximum protection when saving lives and preserving the habitats. For this to happen, they have developed a patented technology solution, which is smart, integrated and modern and allows fires to be fought successfully while keeping the economic damage to the minimum.

This is a concept which allows governments and fire departments – as pioneers of this technological innovation – to set worldwide standards.

The effects of forest and peat fires are serious for the entire ecosystem. Every year, firefighters and helpless people perish in fires. The economic damage is in the billions. This solution gives us hope that we can win the fight against forest fires, and we no longer have to look on helplessly. This innovative made in Germany solution was developed precisely for this purpose!


We at Protectismundi would like to provide our partners, the firefighters, with a road map for the future which they can use to fight fires so that they do not have to stand there in the end being forced to retreat from the fire. What we want is to move forward, be active, fight the fire and put out the fire. If we can extinguish fires quickly we can save lives and have a positive impact on the environment.

“Our strongest motive was that we had to watch people, including firefighters, perishing in fires. And I think, using such a system and saving only one person, then half the battle has already been won.”

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Wolfgang Krumm, Scientific project management

“My personal passion is my 20-year-old wish to connect technology and human beings and to achieve the highest degree of efficiency for other people. But not just for other people, the issue of the environment, in particular, is to me omnipresent and persistent.“

Wolfgang Nolte, Managing Director