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Mobile water supply

Access to water is one of the most challenging aspects of firefighting. To solve this problem, our system provides 30’000 and 70’000 litre quick assembly water and fuel reservoirs to support the MARDER system in any remote location.

It only takes 4 trained people 15 minutes to assemble these aluminium tanks on any level firm ground surface or slope under 10 degrees. The reservoirs can then be filled via helicopter or any other available means.

This enables the FF-MARDER system’s highly efficient dual process firefighting strategy where one unit supplies water to the tank and the other extinguishes fires with little or no interruption.

This strategy is vastly superior to most conventional water delivery strategies that usually lag behind the speed of fire propagation due to water availability and firefighting interruptions.

The reservoirs themselves are robust, lightweight and small enough to be packed onto a Euro palette making them very easy to deploy via helicopter, plane, or conventional ground transport.