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Partnership & Training

When protectismundi works with a client, we are not a company that would just deliver a vehicle to a country. We offer everything from a single source. A good firefighting solution cannot be successful without adequate training and follow-up of the people involved.

We actually arrange a transfer of technology with the Client. With respect to training of drivers and operators, a special training concept has been developed, which also includes digital communication channels.

The Marder and its holistic system require the following specialist skills trainings to achieve the best result.

  • Operation of Vortex high-pressure water System
  • Driving the tank on roads, urban infrastructure and crossing rivers
  • Driving and Navigation off-road
  • Tactical dozer blade usage
  • Off road pump and roll
  • Tactical rescue
  • Communication System
  • Geoinformation System
  • Telemetric Data System
  • Operations Control Center
  • Assembly of the Quick Assembly Reservoirs QAR
  • Controlling the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs
  • Vehicle servicing
  • Loading the tank on flatbed Trailers
  • Water and fuel replenishment
  • Maintenance and repair

protectismundi can deliver all of these courses both in Germany and on location abroad, depending on client needs, to ensure the highest level of skill quality and training cost efficiency.

And, most importantly, our concept is not only to hand over the vehicle, but also to accompany the customer for at least one year with experienced technicians, so that the crew can operate it with ease, that regular Training takes place and that the people are just professional with the system and can use it in any situation.