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The fire fighting tank Marder

The technology of the vehicle has now proven itself over decades.The technology is robust
Fully-loaded with High Pressure Vortex Extinguishing Technology, the Marder is the safest and most efficient firefighting machine in the world. It also constitutes a rapid response system for rescue operations with the unique ability to defend and to protect from the most hazardous situations.

A fully disarmed and modified MARDER tank, engineered and produced in Germany to house with a unique Vortex Fire Extinguishing system while providing the highest levels of safety, mobility, accuracy, flexibility and efficiency.

The Marder is so efficient

  • It uses just a fraction of the water of conventional firefighting solutions.
  • It only needs two people to operate.
  • It can extinguish fires at the seat of the blaze continuously for up to 2 hours.

When you need to extinguish fires fast and safely, the Mardere meet the challenge in ways that no other firefighting vehicle can.