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In addition to forest fires, we see our vehicle-based extinguishing system also being used in the field of safety firefighting. For example, soldiers being deployed to extinguishing a fire. Using the Marder would be ideal in this respect.

The Marder isn’t just a tool for putting out difficult-to-access fires. It is a complete disaster management tool capable of intervening in all the toughest on or off-road hazardous environments including:

  • Wild forest fires, bush fires, and peat fires
  • Pipeline and chemical disasters
  • Industrial blazes
  • Airport accidents
  • Natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions, landslides, tsunamis and related rescue operations
  • Operations requiring special protection such as anti-terror operations

With the ability to achieve 65km/h and a range of 500km, the Marder can be fitted to ford water up to 2.5 meters deep. The tank track can also be fitted with rubber road pads making it an asphalt-worthy solution capable of intervention in urban areas.

Originally designed for nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare, there is simply no safer or more versatile a disaster management vehicle. The tank enables the development of more efficient disaster management plans and better on-the-fly front-line tactics to ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to the safety and well-being of people, their property, and the environment.